Free, Affordable, and Fun Things this Winter around MoCo

a man and a woman ice skating indoors
Courtesy: Montgomery Parks

Embrace the winter in Montgomery County, Maryland! Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones while enjoying affordable and free activities. Dive into the winter wonderland with ice skating, sledding, and captivating performances. Discover budget-friendly and cost-free experiences like Tai Chi sessions and exploring local museums. Explore the charm of Montgomery County during the colder months with these exciting and wallet-friendly options.

Outdoor Adventures

Exploring Montgomery County Parks

Montgomery County Parks offers many affordable and free recreational opportunities, making it an excellent destination for residents and visitors alike. The park system is known for its commitment to providing accessible and inclusive outdoor experiences for the community. Many of Montgomery Parks’ facilities and green spaces are open to the public at no cost. Montgomery Parks features several nature centers that offer educational programs, workshops, and exhibits. These centers often have no or low-cost admission, making them accessible for families and individuals interested in learning about the local environment. Embracing holistic wellness, Montgomery Parks offers Tai Chi classes and other mental wellness classes and programs for as little as $5.

Image of rushing water through rocks of Great Falls

Great Falls Tavern Visitors Center

Head to Great Falls Park Tavern Visitors Center and enjoy stunning views of the Potomac River and waterfalls. Pedestrians can enter for free. While you’re there, walk or hike on a trail and take plenty of pictures and savor the moments nature has to offer.

Ice Skating

Montgomery County is home to several public ice-skating rinks, such as the Cabin John Ice Rink and Wheaton Ice Arena. These facilities provide a welcoming environment for skaters of all skill levels. Ice skating is a family-friendly activity, and the rinks in Montgomery County are designed to accommodate skaters of all ages. Families can enjoy quality time together on the ice without breaking the bank. We’ve rounded up ice skating rinks around the county at our Top Places to Ice Skate.

three girls on a sled having fun and about to sled down a hill


Sledding hills in Montgomery County provide not only a thrilling experience but also scenic views of the winter landscape. Participants can appreciate the natural beauty of the county while engaging in an exhilarating outdoor activity. Read more about sledding adventures in our blog here:

Explore History and Our Cultural Diversity

King Barn Dairy MOOseum

The King Barn Dairy MOOseum is a family friendly, interactive museum that showcases dairy life and the dairy boom in the 20th century. There’s a cow milking simulation and children can go back in time and see how milkmen delivered fresh milk. The museum collects vintage antiques including milk bottles, equipment and a vast farm land for people to explore.

a man and woman looking at an exhibit at Josiah Henson Museum and Park.

Josiah Henson Museum and Park

Visit the Josiah Henson Museum and Park, which is part of the National Park Service Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program. The park is dedicated to interpreting the life and challenges of Reverend Josiah Henson. Admission is $5.


Arts and Culture

VisArts and Round House Theatre

VisArts offers a range of free art exhibits in their gallery. From painting and drawing to ceramics and digital media, there are options for everyone to see. Round House Theatre’s FreePlay program is also an affordable experience for students ages 13 through college. Students can reserve a ticket online and must show proof of a high school, college ID or proof of age to redeem the ticket.

Glenstone Museum

While admission is free, Glenstone Museum has a reservation system in place. Visitors are required to make reservations in advance to manage the flow of guests and ensure a more intimate and contemplative experience with the art. Glenstone offers a distinctive and immersive art experience with its extensive outdoor spaces, sculptures, and carefully curated indoor exhibits. Visitors can enjoy a rich cultural experience without incurring any cost for admission.

National Museum of Health and Medicine

Explore the National Museum of Health and Medicine for free and learn about medical history, including exhibits on Civil War medicine. Guests can experience how medicine in the Civil War helped progress today’s modern medicine. The exhibits are both unique and informative, there’s even intact skeletons.

Coffee Roastery

After you’ve explored Montgomery County, go to a local coffee shop and unwind with a latte and pastry. Coffee roasteries in Montgomery County provide a range of affordable coffee options. Whether it’s freshly roasted beans for purchase or reasonably priced cups of coffee, these establishments cater to different budget preferences. Some coffee roasteries take pride in direct sourcing, ensuring that the beans are ethically and sustainably obtained.

These are just a few examples of the many free and enjoyable activities Montgomery County has to offer. Whether you’re interested in nature, culture, or community events, there’s something to do without breaking the bank.

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