History and Heritage

Take an adventure through American history outside of Washington, D.C.

Where you’ll find hidden gems where you least expect it – in Montgomery County, Maryland

Montgomery County is located just minutes north of Washington, D.C. Featuring a rich and diverse cultural history, there are multiple cultures represented at sites throughout our heritage areas.

From Farms, Markets and Scenic Byways to African American & Quaker Heritage

Western Montgomery County consists of 93,000-acres of protected farmland. The Agricultural Reserve is one of the most successful countryside preservation programs in the U.S. Hike up Sugarloaf Mountain in Dickerson, Maryland and marvel over the patchwork of red barns, farm fields and woodlands down below. Visit Brookeville, a town in the Agricultural Reserve. Did you know that this historic community of Brookeville is where President James Madison spent the night when the British occupied Washington in 1814?

Find scenic trails and rustic roads – there are different hiking trails available that follow the path between the C&O Canal and the Potomac River within the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. The C&O Canal National Historical Park was established in 1917 as a 184-mile National Park Service site. The Visitor Center, located beside restored Lock 20, was built in 1828 as a lock tender’s house and later converted to an inn. It houses interactive exhibits on the history of the park.

Historic sites represent late 1800s communities on old railroad and trolley lines throughout the County. You can also visit the 455-acre Agricultural History Farm Park. Past farming practices are interpreted in an historic farmhouse, large frame bank barn, assorted farm buildings, and a modern activity center.

Discover African American heritage at Harper Cabin in Brookside Gardens. Built in 1870, the cabin was relocated in 1976 from a post-Civil War African American community north of Poolesville. Life of newly emancipated African American families in the late 1800s is interpreted on this site that also includes a number of outbuildings.

Find more unique stories of history, culture, and nature abound at sites all around Montgomery County visit Heritage Montgomery.

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