Marketplace DMO Registration

Visit Montgomery, your 2023 MATPRA Media Marketplace hosts, have prepared an entertaining and informative showcase of Montgomery County, Maryland. Marketplace, FAMs, meals and activities have been thoughtfully designed to ensure ample time for networking and engagement with the media. The Visit Montgomery team looks forward to seeing you in person! The fee for primary DMO attendee is $585. A second DMO attendee is $385.

NOTE: DMO second registration is for those who are bringing a second person for training purposes and can only be used when a full registration from the same organization has paid. This registration will only allow access to Day 1 and Media Marketplace. They may not participate in the FAMs. If the second person is interested in participating in the FAMs, full registration is required.

Registration deadline is June 30. We can do agree that your registration will be accepted after the deadline.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Download the sponsorship kit here.

DMO Registration has officially closed.