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These Montgomery County businesses are brewing, fermenting, and distilling some of the best local libations in the state of Maryland!


Gordon Biersch: Rockville

Situated in the heart of Rockville Town Square, Gordon Biersch offers delicious, fresh handcrafted beer and tasty home-style food. Surrounded by a beautiful, modern day décor, guests are able to experience the full brewing process through the glass walls of the brewery.

7 Locks Brewing: Rockville

Housed in a 7,200-square-foot warehouse, 7 Locks Brewery uses a 15-barrel system to make a variety of beers. With a taproom that includes about 40 seats and a long bar, the open layout provides an up-close view of the brewing equipment. The larger brewery serves an impressive selection of beer including pale ale with flavors ranging from hazelnut amber to citrus, rye beer, stouts, honey wheat, and root and ginger beer.

Denizen’s Brewing Company: Silver Spring

Tied with 7 Locks Brewing as the largest brewery in the country, Denizen’s Brewing Company believes that the best products are made fresh and locally – including beer! From bags of grain to pint glasses, Denizen’s mission is to invest solely in the local economy and environment. At a 100 beers and counting with five flagship beers showcasing traditional lager, ale, and Belgian styles, Denizen’s has a brew to suit every taste.

Brookeville Beer Farm: Brookeville

Blending farming and brewing into exceptional beers, Brookeville Beer Farm began in the spring of 2014 with just a single hop-yard. Currently, Brookeville Beer Farm is in the process of planning 600 more hop plants with the goal of having the majority of hops and herbs used for their beers grown on the farm. With rich flavors from honey beer, to IPAs porters, and fruit beer Brookeville Beer Farm has the perfect flavors to entice your taste buds.

Waredaca Brewing Company: Laytonsville

Waredaca Brewing Company is focused on limiting its impact on the environment and limiting by composting its used materials and releasing as little CO2 as possible. Using its own agricultural items grown on the farm, the Waredaca Brewing Company specializes in brewing pale ales, honey wheat style beers in addition to saisons, stouts, and Belgian white beer.

Saints Row Brewing: Rockville

Saints Row Brewing is a family-owned and operated nanobrewery located on the outskirts of Rockville. Dedicated to providing locals with a place to relax and experience the best of their city, Saints Row changes their taps regularly to keep things interesting. However, common beers on top include a mixture of ales, IPAs, and ciders.

True Respite Brewing Company: Rockville

Located in Rockville, True Respite Brewing Company combines the traditionally separate mash and lauter turns into a single vessel for better mash efficiency when brewing higher gravity beers. Notably, all of the remaining grain from the mashing process is gathered and saved for collection by local farmers to use as feed for their livestock. With a frequently changing tap selection, True Respite Brewing Company brews a variety of beer including stouts, ales, and saisons.


Twin Valley Distillers: Rockville

Helmed by master distiller Edgardo Zuniga, Twin Valley Distillers is Montgomery’s first operating distillery that aims to revive the fine art of handcrafted spirit-making in Maryland. It prides itself on using only local grains and products sourced within a 50-mile radius of its Rockville location. Plan a visit to get a taste of handcrafted, small-batch bourbons, whiskeys and other fine spirits.


Rocklands Farm Winery & Market: Poolesville

As part of a local grower’s cooperative, Rocklands Farm Winery & Market produces wines in small lots and with minimal intervention during the fermentation and aging. The winery places high important on fruity quality and bringing out the color, complexity, and flavor of the grapes used in its wines.

Urban Winery: Silver Spring

The Urban Winery is the closest winery to the Nation’s Capital. Owner Georgia Callis began making wine at an early age, learning the trade from her father, a Greek immigrant who made wine in the 1970’s. Stop by for Greek mezze as well as their top wines stepped in family tradition.

Great Shoals Winery: Silver Spring

Great Shoals Winery focuses on using local fruits from Maryland farms to craft high-quality wines and ciders. Its Spencerville Red Hard Apple, earned Gold and Best in Class Hard Cider at the 2011 Maryland Governor’s Cup wine competition. Since then, the winery has produced more than 30 award-winning unique hard ciders and wines.

Olney Winery: Olney

Olney Winery sources grapes from suppliers and vineyards all over the world to ferment over 34 different award-winning wines locally. This includes high-quality grapes from California, Chile, South Africa, Germany, and Italy, bringing the world to Montgomery with each glass.

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