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True Respite Brewing Co.

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True Respite Brewing Co.
7301 Calhoun Place, Suite 600, Rockville, MD 20855
Phone: (301) 284-8447
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True Respite Beer

We brew on a gorgeous 15-bbl, 3-vessel custom brewhouse engineered and assembled by American Beer Equipment in Lincoln, NE.

Our 3-vessel configuration combines the traditionally separate mash and lauter tuns into a single, oversized vessel custom designed for better mash efficiency when brewing higher gravity beers (like Belgian Trappist ales and Double IPAs.)

Each of our brewing and fermentation tanks are fabricated from high quality 304L stainless steel, an even more highly stain and corrosion resistant alternative to industry standard 304 stainless.

Our brewing vessels are steam jacketed and efficiently heated with low pressure steam we produce in our own boiler directly on-site.

We take waste reduction seriously. For this reason, all spent grain remaining after the mashing process is gathered up, stored, and saved for collection by local farmers who use the grain as feed for their livestock.

We reduce our energy requirement when brewing back-to-back batches by pre-heating our second batch's brewing water with the outgoing post-boil hot beer in a specially designed energy exchanger at the outlet of the brewhouse. This reduces both the energy load of cooling the hot beer and the energy load of heating the cold water, thereby reducing our overall energy requirement.

On opening day, our brewery's annual production capacity will be 2,000 bbls per year (e.g. 515,840 pints per year.) This can be achieved by brewing 174 times per year.

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