Take Flight with a Maryland Themed Paper Airplane

Get ready to take flight with your very own Maryland themed paper airplane. It’s a fun and exciting activity in your backyard or at one of over 422 parks in Montgomery County, Maryland.

To make your airplane folding experience even easier, we have provided instructions and a downloadable template for you to print, fold and fly. This plane — known as “The Arrow” — is easy to fold and flies straight and smooth. Share photos of your plane flying high in the sky on Instagram and tag #visitmoco.

How to Fold a Paper Airplane:

Step 1: Place the template with the “UP” arrow at the top of the page. Then flip the paper over so that you cannot see any of the fold lines.

Step 2: Pull the top right corner down toward you until the fold line 1 is visible and crease along the dotted line. Repeat with the top left corner.

Step 3: Fold the right side over again and crease along the fold line 2. Repeat with the left side.

Step 4: Fold the tip down toward you and crease along the fold line 3.

Step 5: Now, flip the paper over. Then fold the left side over onto the right side and crease along fold line 4 so that the outside edges of the wings line up.

Step 6: Fold the wings down along the fold lines 5. Partially open the folds you just created so that the wings stick out straight. The wings will have a slight “V” shape when viewed from the front. You should be able to see the Maryland colors on the top of the wings.

Now you are ready to fly! Download Template

Looking for outdoor places to fly your new paper airplane? Check out the MoCo Trail Guide to find a park or trail near you.