Rockville Economic Development, Inc. launches Explore Rockville: Global Bites Pilot Program

Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) proudly announced the launch of the Explore Rockville: Global Bites pilot program, the first-of-its-kind initiative celebrating the diversity of cuisine across Rockville, Maryland.

This 10-day program, running from June 2 to June 11, aims to highlight and promote the varied, award-winning international fare available within our own community. Rockville has become a premier dining destination of the DMV and continues to grow year-over-year.

Starting today, consumers can download a free digital dining passport (available via Apple and Google Wallets) pre-loaded with $25 worth of vouchers which can be redeemed beginning June 2 in $5 increments for dine-in or take-away purchases (excluding alcohol) of orders $25 and over. With over 10 international cuisines to choose from, diners can easily embark on a culinary journey across cultures every day of the week.

“Explore Rockville: Global Bites is an innovative way to promote Rockville’s culinary scene and encourage residents and visitors to dine out and experience the variety of international cuisines available in the city,” said Cindy Rivarde, CEO of REDI. “We are thrilled to offer this program to the community, and we hope it will drive sales to restaurants and help establish Rockville as a premier dining destination in the region.”

This is an excellent opportunity for foodies and adventurous eaters to explore the world through food at a discounted price without leaving Rockville. The digital dining passport can be easily downloaded to your Apple or Google wallet, and the full list of participating restaurants is available on the Explore Rockville: Global Bites webpage.

“We’re excited to be part of the Explore Rockville: Global Bites pilot program and to be recognized as one of Rockville’s premier dining destinations. This program not only allows us to showcase our Spanish cuisine, but also encourages the community to explore and support the vibrant restaurant scene in Rockville,” noted Chef George Rodrigues of El Mercat Bar de Tapas.

Please note that the Global Bites dining passports are limited in supply and issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Diners who were unable to obtain a dining passport are still encouraged to enjoy the offerings of the Explore Rockville: Global Bites restaurants, which represent a small sampling of the remarkable dining scene in Rockville.

For more information on the Explore Rockville: Global Bites pilot program, including how to download the dining passport and a list of participating restaurants, please visit or follow @explorerockville on Instagram or Facebook.