8 Ideas for Chocolate Lovers

If you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day in February, then Whole Foods Market in Montgomery County, Maryland has got you covered. Here are eight ideas that are sure to make you fall in love with chocolate all month long.

1: Chocolate Cashew Pie is truly unique. Melted dark chocolate coats the crust of the pie before the filling is added.

2: Vegan Chocolate Pudding is a better-for-you delicious treat made with avocado, dates and cocoa powder.

3: Add chopped chocolate or chocolate chips to muffins, pancakes, waffles and quick breads.

4: Combine cocoa powder with yogurt and honey or maple syrup to sweeten, or stir chocolate chips or cacao nibs into yogurt.

5: Make cookies once a week!

6: Explore new hot chocolate flavors.

7: Make a flourless chocolate cake, or better yet, add rum!

8: Fudge isn’t just for the holidays. Indulge with these rich and velvety treats.

Bonus Idea!

Interested in sweets for your sweet? Try a taste of Lake Champlain chocolate truffles or a heart-shaped box of handmade chocolates, with fair trade chocolate, honey and fresh cream. When you buy fair trade chocolates, you’re helping to create economic opportunity in the developing world, support community projects and make a difference in the lives of farmers and producers. Visit WholeFoods.Com for more info on these and other top gift picks.

Article courtesy of Whole Foods Market