Guide to Picking the Perfect Strawberry at Butler’s Orchard

Spring is here and that means it’s strawberry season in Montgomery County, Maryland. Plan to pick-your-own at Butler’s Orchard, a local farm just outside Washington, DC. We’ve compiled when to go, what to look for, how much it will cost, and more to ensure you pick the most perfect strawberries when you visit.


Strawberry Blossom Tours
Before the strawberries are ready to be picked, Butler’s Orchard offers Strawberry Blossom Tours. Visitors are guided on a tractor-driven wagon, experience a working farm, and enjoy planting their own strawberries to grow at home.

It’s All in the Timing
Strawberries are usually ready to be picked at the farm around Memorial Day and are available through June. Be sure to check Butler Orchard’s crop calendar often beginning in mid-May to time your visit with the predicted peak picking conditions.

What to Look For
Keep an eye out for the brightest red strawberries available and try not pick any that have white near the stem as they are nearing peak ripeness but aren’t quite ready yet. Sometimes smaller berries will be juicier and more flavorful than larger options, but usually color is the best indicator.

Eye on the Price
A day pass to the farm is $3 per person, which gives you access to the pick-your-own fields, picnic area, slides, trail, and farm park animals. Strawberries cost $2.79 per pound harvested.

Recipes You Should Try
Now that you’ve picked the perfect strawberries, you can eat them on their own, mix them in with smoothies, make a dessert, or anything else your appetite desires. Butler’s Orchard has some of their own recommended strawberry recipes including Butler’s Fresh Strawberry Pie, Butler’s Strawberry Cooler, and Butler’s Strawberry Iced Tea.

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