Sip These MoCo Mocktails During Dry January

Scoot Montreal | All Set Restaurant & Bar

Dry January is a public health challenge that encourages people to reset their bodies by giving up alcohol during the first month of the year. As it grows in popularity each year, Montgomery County, Maryland restaurants have been adding more and more non-alcoholic mocktail options to their menus to savor throughout Dry January and beyond. Here are 10 of our favorite spots with mocktails that are so good you wouldn’t be able to tell they were made for teetotalers.

All Set Restaurant & Bar
8630 Fenton Street, Plaza 5, Silver Spring

All Set Restaurant & Bar has an extensive drinks menu, which includes non-alcoholic versions of six of their specialty cocktails: The Provincetown, Boston Tea Party, Hurricane Marilyn, Perfect Storm, Scoot Montreal, and Elizabeth in Kalepo. Flavors range from tropical to spiced to sweet dessert.

CranRose | Brews & Barrels

Brews & Barrels
625 Center Point Way, Gaithersburg

Special for Dry January, Brews & Barrels is offering a refreshing CranRose mocktail with cranberry juice, house made rosemary syrup, and ginger beer.

Mocktails | Burton’s Grill & Bar

Burton’s Grill & Bar
109 Commerce Square Place, Gaithersburg

Mocktails at Burton’s Grill & Bar are made with Seedlip zero proof spirits, which give a true cocktail taste without the alcohol. Try their Paloma Pura with agave, lime, grapefruit, and mint, their Sour Cherry Detox with sherry vinegar, lemon, agave, and black cherry syrup, or their Cold Brew Vitality with coffee syrup and cold brew concentrate.

Quiet in Kingston | Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge

Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge
2 Preserve Parkway, Rockville

Head to the What To Drink When You’re Not Drinking section of Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge’s menu to find their selection of mocktails. Their Apple of My Eye is made with apple cider, cranberry juice, orange-cinnamon-clove syrup, and lemon juice. Their Winter Can Wait and Quiet in Kingston mocktails are deliciously crafted with Lyre’s alcohol-free spirits.

Daisy’s Dilemma | Hip Flask Rooftop Bar

Hip Flask Rooftop Bar (Bethesda Marriott Downtown at Marriott HQ)
7707 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda

Also made with Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits, Hip Flask Rooftop Bar’s zero proof drinks are popular options on their cocktails menu. Daisy’s Dilemma contains raspberry, lime, and ginger beer, while Lyre’s Savant contains pineapple and citrus flavors.

Temple of Peace | Jinya Ramen Bar

Jinya Ramen Bar
910 Prose Street, North Bethesda

Jinya Ramen Bar has four mocktails on their large drinks menu. Their Temple of Peace, Summer of Love, Jinya Yuzu Lemonade, and Ginger Yuzu Lemonade are light drinks that pair well with a big bowl of spicy ramen. Flavors include peach, lemon, hibiscus, and ginger.

Strawberry Cosmopolitan | Matchbox

7278 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda
1699 Rockville Pike, Rockville
919 Ellsworth Drive, Sliver Spring

Pick between two mocktails at each of Matchbox’s three Montgomery County locations. Their Strawberry Cosmopolitan has strawberries and lemon, and their Lemon Honey Mule adds lemon, honey, and nutmeg flavors to the traditional mule taste.

Miso Mango Sour | Planta

4910 Elm Street | Bethesda

In addition to the three non-alcoholic “free spirits” on their permanent menu, vegan restaurant Planta has teamed up with Boisson to offer four additional mocktails just for Dry January: Kelp Collins, Miso Mango Sour, Singapore Spritz, and No-groni, No Problem. All of these special drinks, as well as the permanent mocktails, are made with plant-based zero proof spirits.

Mocktails | Summer House Santa Monica

Summer House Santa Monica
11825 Grand Park Avenue, North Bethesda

Summer House Santa Monica’s zero proof offerings reflect the summer vibes of their restaurant. Try their Pineapple Kick with pineapple, orange, and jalapeno, or their Post Water-Melone with watermelon, lemon, and mint.

Whiskey Surprise | Ted’s Bulletin

Ted’s Bulletin
220 Ellington Boulevard, Gaithersburg

Ted’s Bulletin uses Ritual zero proof spirits to make their non-alcoholic drinks. Choose from their rum-based Rum That Ran, tequila-based Peachy Keen, whiskey-based Whiskey Surprise, and gin-based Garden Party off their mocktails menu.

Once Dry January is over, head out on the Tastemakers Trail to drink some of the best local craft beverages in Maryland. Use our Adventure Planner app to map out your self-guided tasting itinerary.