Delicious Foods to Try at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in Montgomery County, Maryland shows off an array of fair food that’s as much a part of the experience as the carnival rides and exhibits. This annual event, eagerly attended by locals and visitors alike, transforms the fairgrounds into a foodie’s paradise, offering a diverse and delectable selection that captures the essence of classic fair cuisine.

There are seven new food vendors coming to the fair including, Asian Grill, Blondies Doughnuts, Dickerson Market, Lapps Candies, Little Austria, The Moose Pit, and Vocelli Pizza. That means there’s a total of 45 vendors selling a variety of foods like Asian cuisine, Italian, Mexican, American, and more!

The fifth annual Fair Foodie Awards held on Friday, August 11, let attendees try nine foods from winners from last year’s Fair Foodie Awards. Categories include Supreme Champion Most Creative Savory, Supreme Champion Most Creative & Best Taste Sweet Treat, Best Taste Savory Food, Best Taste Sweet Food, Best Taste Drink, & Honorable Mentions foodie vendors. The event starts at 6:00 pm at the seating tent across from the souvenir booth.

For legally aged adults, the Grapes & Grain Garden sponsored by Lone Oak Brewing Company will have access to seven local beer and wine vendors including Doc Waters Cidery, Far Eastern Shore Winery, Lone Oak Brewing, Puerto Rico Distillery, The Winery at Olney, Tipsy Teacher Winery & Twin Valley Distilleries. The garden is located on the upper grounds. Hours of the Grapes & Grains Garden can be found on their website here.

Here are some places to visit during the fair.

EZ Mart: Serves made-to-order Crab Fries, Steak Fries, Large Nacho Fries, & Cheesesteak Egg Rolls. Located in the Independent Midway.

Dickerson Market: Located on the upper grounds at The Heritage, they plan to serve lunch and dinner entrees including their Famous Fried Chicken, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Meatloaf, Shepherd’s Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, and an Open-Face Turkey Sandwich with Gravy along with a selection of Beer & Wine.

Phelps Concessions: Located in the Midway close to the Horse Barns, Phelps Concessions sells a sweet and refreshing Cotton Candy Lemonade. They also carry Iced Tea, regular Lemonade, Soda & carnival foods.

Churros Inc.: A dessert stand that sells regular Churros, Churros Rolled in Sugar, Churros Drizzled with Chocolate or Dulce de Leche, Filled Churros, Ice Cream Churro Sandwiches and Churro Bites with Toppings. Located in the Independent Midway.

For more information about the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, visit their website here.