Brewery Experts Share What MoCo Made Beer They Would Bring to a Maryland Crab Feast

Steamed Crabs from Camerons Seafood in Rockville, MD.
Steamed Crabs from Cameron’s Seafood in Rockville, MD.

No foodie trip to Montgomery County, Maryland is complete without a taste of classic Maryland Blue Crabs from the nearby Chesapeake Bay. We asked three experts from local breweries featured on the Tastemakers Trail for their recommendations for the perfect beer to pair with steamed crabs covered in Old Bay.

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White Tail Hefeweizen

True Respite Brewing Company
Rockville, MD

“I would recommend our White Tail Hefeweizen to pair with a crab feast. A hefeweizen has a slightly fruity and banana character which pairs well with the light flavor of crab. The fruity esters in the beer pair great with the spiciness of Old Bay. White Tail Hefeweizen is a light, easy to drink beer that pairs well with most meals in general but it’s perfect for a crab feast. It won’t fill you up, so you’ll be able to enjoy your beer while feasting as much as you’d like on crabs.” – Bailey O’Leary, Co-Founder

Kankitsu Japanese-Inspired Lager

Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Company
Gaithersburg, MD

“We recommend the Kankitsu Japanese-Inspired Lager that is brewed with rice, green tea, lemongrass, and lime. The green tea and lemongrass add depth of flavor to the complex flavors found at a crab feast. The slight acidity from the lime used in Kankitsu cuts through the saltiness of crab feast foods, making the beer ultra-refreshing and thirst quenching. Kankitsu is incredibly flavorful, bone dry, and effervescent. It’s the perfect crab feast beer!” – Brittany Slechter, Taproom Manager

GOLD LINE Classic American Pilsner

Silver Branch Brewing Company
Silver Spring, MD

“Silver Branch’s GOLD LINE Classic American Pilsner – set to release on August 20, 2020 – is the perfect lager for all your favorite summer activities including gathering with your family and friends for a classic Maryland crab feast! This 5.0% ABV American pilsner is crafted using locally produced grains and American hops for a refreshing and quaffable beer that pairs well with Old Bay and good times!” – Erin Karla Young, Marketing Manager

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