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Mud Runs at High Point Farms!

High Point Farm is conveniently located on Route 355 in northern Montgomery County, just three miles north of Germantown, with immediate access to I-270 and to the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Central Maryland areas.

Muderella, July 25, 2015

Mudderella events are world class 5-7 mile long courses designed to test your stamina and willpower.

Completing a course requires more than endurance; Mudderella challenges you to own your strong.

Check out these videos:

Dirty Girl Mud Run, August 22, 2015

The Dirty Girl Mud Run is a 3.1 mile(ish) obstacle course run for women, and women ONLY! If you’re an uber cross fitter looking to make your weekend more challenging, Dirty Girl Mud Run has a place for you. If this is your first time running an organized obstacle run or 5k, YOU WILL GET TO THE FINISH LINE! Over 900,000 women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and athletic backgrounds have completed this incredibly fun obstacle course since it’s debut in 2011.  Some run to challenge themselves, some make it a girls weekend with a group tailgate before the run (cough…Wisconsin…cough). Most run in memory of a loved one who lost their battle with breast cancer, or OUR HERO’S – Those who have looked cancer in the eye, kicked it’s ass and are celebrating their health at our start line. The Dirty Girl Mud Run is for every lady out there.!

The Zombie Run, October 24, 2015

3.1 mile course.  – – – Participate as a Zombie or a Human! Choose a team!
This is how it goes down…HUMANS have the goal of making it to the finish line without getting ‘infected’ (touched) by the ZOMBIES. HUMANS will run/walk/crawl/scream through approximately 3.1 miles of blood splattering obstacles, fire jumps, mazes, smoke, over cars, and more. Expect to get ‘bloody’ through our zones and via our ZOMBIES. Every HUMAN receives a rad participant shirt, finisher medal (if you finish), on-body wearable lights designating you as a HUMAN and a bag of blood at the finish line for the post-apocalyptic party to toss at your friends, yourself, a stranger or just up in the air to celebrate finishing THE ZOMBIE RUN!!

You will receive the zombie makeover of a lifetime and then be assigned to one of many zones within the course. Of course, as soon as you go into “Zombie Mode” you only have two working limbs (your choice). ZOMBIES can not chase HUMANS or make contact, but you can scare the heck out of them. In a successful Zombie Run, everyone dies, but no one gets hurt. ZOMBIES will be stations along the 3.1 mile course after receiving their epic makeover and will have ‘finger dip’ stations to get your hands nice and bloody. If you touch a HUMAN, chances are they’re getting infected. Your goal is to try and ‘tag’ as many HUMANS as you possibly can before the night is over. BRAINS!!!!!

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