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Jump Out of Your Skin

Are you looking to find the best and scariest haunted house near you this Halloween? Field of Screams Maryland is one of the largest and most popular haunted attractions in the capital region.

Our suggestions:

  • Purchase tickets in advance online to avoid waiting in line.
  • Beat the crowds and arrive early, especially on Friday and Saturday!
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather (wear comfortable walking shoes, it gets muddy!)
  • Save the best for last …. do the trail of terror last!

With more than 40 acres of thrills, you can experience four great haunts in one location! Horrifying scenes and zombies infest the four events:


Take a frightful 30-minute walk through the forest. Be prepared and tread lightly across the unexorcised grounds where legends of murder, werewolves, and tax-evading butlers linger ominously behind veils of darkened forestry. You’ll come across mini haunted houses scattered through the trails. Actors are also hidden throughout these elaborate exhibits and will sneak up on you when you least expect it or will just stand in your way. Just keep moving 🙂


This haunted house takes you through rooms brimming with jolt-inducing sights. Walk cautiously into the darkness where you’ll feel like you’re in a horror movie.


Passengers load up on a double-decker steel cart and test their aim as they try to survive the Paintball Apocalypse, a terrifying ride where you’ll have to fend off mobbing zombies as they stagger past using paintball guns loaded with glow-in-the-dark paint.


Definitely not your average hayride! Once seated onto the wagon, you’re driven through a corn field where zombies pop out through the corn fields and come for you!

Power up by the concession stand!

With a carnival atmosphere visitors can enjoy bonfires (15 to choose from), fried twinkies, fried oreos, apple pie, funnel cakes, burgers and roast-your-own-s’mores over an open fire!

Field of Screams Maryland is open on select Thursday’s and every weekend throughout the month of October until November 8th. Field of Screams is a very popular event and tends to get extremely busy on Halloween weekend.


mad scientistThe design team from Field of Screams Maryland won the reality TV show competition, Tiny House Nation’s Halloween Special, beating two nationally recognized haunted house designers to win the first-ever haunted house reality competition.

With their haunted house victory on Tiny House Nation, Field of Screams Maryland and Steelhead Productions adds to an impressive resume of accomplishments in the haunt and scenic design space as one of the country’s top design, make-up, and acting troupes.  Click here to view Press Release

For more information about Field of Screams Maryland, visit or Steelhead Productions visit

Field of Screams Maryland is also on Facebook, Twitter (@FieldofScreamMD), and Instagram (@FieldofScreamsMaryland).


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