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Romola Ghulamali, Office Administrator

Get to know Romola!

Q. What makes Montgomery County a unique destination?

Montgomery County is Unique because there is something of everything here. Due to the large diverse population, you can enjoy plenty of cuisine choices, spoken languages, cultural and entertainment programs, and celebrations.

Q. If a visitor could only go to one place in Montgomery County, where would that be?

I would send him/her to the C&O Canal Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center.

Q. Montgomery County has many urban districts and neighborhoods. What is one of your favorite areas?

Rockville’s Route 355/Rockville Pike has everything one could need ranging from automobiles, furniture, clothing, food and entertainment.

Q. What’s the best festival or special event in Montgomery County?

I enjoy the July 4th celebrations the best. I love the fireworks.

Q. Where’s your favorite place to shop in Montgomery County?

I love going to Kingsbury Orchard to buy locally grown produce and sharing it with neighbors and friends.

Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Greece/Italy region for its history.

Q. Travel is transcendent. Can you describe a trip or experience that changed you?

Traveling in a group of seven people whom I did not know well ended up binding us in a life-long friendship that I had never expected.

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