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Countryside Artisans of Maryland

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Countryside Artisans of Maryland
24410 Hipsley Mill Rd, Laytonsville, MD 20882
Phone: 13013371745
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Best Farm (detail), pastel by Susan Due Pearcy, Sugarloaf Studio

The Countryside Artisans of Maryland, started in 1993, represents a selected group of artists that live and work in the countryside in upper Montgomery County’s renowned Agricultural Reserve. The artists’ high-quality work is inspired by the natural and diverse beauty of the local rural landscape. The Countryside Artisans jointly open their studios and galleries for art sale tours each year in April and December. Meet the artists and enjoy their work in the beautiful settings that inspire them every day. Visit our website to discover more about the studios (some of which are open year round), to find out about upcoming tours, and to sign up to be notified of events.

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Glass Vases, Art of Fire Contemporary Glass Studio, Inc.untitledDavid Therriault at workArt of Fire Glass Blowing StudioSugarloaf Mountain pastlLeafstone sculpturewoodland daffodilsSculpture Garden at Alden Farms