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Best Ice Cream Spots

As the temperature rises and we welcome the warm days of spring and summer, there are few things that can beat the heat better than a fresh scoop of ice cream. Montgomery County residents are fortunate enough to have a number of frozen treat options to choose from. But, which ones are the best?

I took it upon myself to find the answer. The following are the best ice cream spots in Montgomery County for you to savor this spring and summer!


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– Bethesda Row, 7111 Bethesda Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814

Dolcezza is an Italian dessert shop that serves small-batch gelati and sorbet made fresh everyday using fresh, local ingredients. You can buy scoops or pints of rotating flavors like Salted Caramel and Valrhona Dark Chocolate. This gelato shop offers endless flavors of traditional ice creams alongside mini push pops.

Dolci Gelati

Takoma Park, 7000 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD

Dolci Gelati is a traditional artisan Italian gelato and sorbetto based in Washington D.C. with a store front in Takoma Park, MD. Made fresh daily all natural and available at local specialty markets. Try Dolci Gelati’s chocolate hazelnut combo. It’s the perfect base for a classic sundae served inside a waffle cup and finished with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Or, try their latest gelato caldo (“hot gelato”).


– Rockville, 1701 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Snowbots serves snow cream, bubble teas and coffees in many great flavors and toppings. Snowbots features a variety flavors like the new Orange Créme and MooMoo Milk with Vanilla Wafers. Try Oreos, Strawberry Popping Bubbles with Condensed Milk!


– Silver Spring, 8030-B Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Moorenko’s is a family owned shop that serves ice cream and sorbet made from local ingredients in small batches. Moorenko’s is made with pride in Silver Spring, MD with only the highest quality hormone free dairy from small family Pennsylvania creameries. Flavors ranging from Salted Caramel with Pralines, Honey Lavender, Orange Chocolate Chip and more!

Jimmie Cone

– Damascus, 26420 Ridge Rd, Damascus, MD 20872

Jimmie Cone is classic ice cream shop that serves soft serve covered in “jimmies,” or sprinkles. Choose from a number of flavors, cup/cone, sm-med-large, rainbow/chocolate jimmies or try their latest creations, like fat-free black raspberry or sugar free coconut.


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– Gaithersburg, 18519 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Bruster’s serves premium ice creams and desserts made in-store with lots of interesting flavors. Bruster’s has more than 140 recipes with smooth ice cream made from real ingredients and loaded with cookies, candies and other sweet goodies. Try their summer seasonal flavors like, Almond Divinity – Almond Ice Cream with Marshmallow and Almonds; Black Forest – Chocolate Ice Cream with Cherry Sauce and Swiss Chips; and Black Raspberry Cheesecake!

Carmen’s Italian Ice

– Rockville, 1115 Nelson St, Rockville, MD 20850

Carmen’s serves homemade Italian ice, frozen custard, shakes & specialty coffee drinks to the Washington, DC metro area. Choose from over 50 flavors to sample! From Oktoberfest Frozen Custard, Cantaloupe Tart Yogurt, Horchatta flavored Italian ice and pick flavors for a milkshake or smoothie!

Marble Slab Creamery

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– Rockville Town Square, 100 Gibbs St, Rockville, MD 20850

Marble Slab Creamery serves ice cream and toppings mixed together on a frozen marble slab, as well as other frozen desserts and smoothies. Try a variety of gourmet flavor and mix-in possibilities like, peanut butter banana, strawberry cotton candy and pina colada.

York Castle Tropical Ice Cream

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– Rockville, 827 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20852

York Castle specializes in Jamaican-style ice creams that sing with exotic tropical fruits. This ice cream is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, fruits from the islands, and they all have real pieces of fruit in them! Curious? Ask for a taste. Your server might even hand you a binder explaining the flavors.

Class 520

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– 5 Dawson Ave, Rockville, MD 20850

Class 520 offers the latest food trends in the DMV. Experience Thai rolled ice cream! This frozen treat involves pouring a milk-based liquid onto an extremely cold metal circle, the liquid then spreads as it freezes and gets rolls it into quarter-sized rolls.

Miele Bakery

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– 9613 C Medical Center Dr Rockville, MD 20850

Check out Miele Bakery for the best in town Bingsoo AKA Patbingsu. It’s a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans.

Yummy in My Tummy

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– 11252 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902

This local ice cream parlor is filled with international flavors. The owners use fresh fruit from around the world to create a wide range of hard-to-find tropical flavors like Soursop, Durian, Guava, Lychee or Ginger. You can also find homemade flavors like Swiss Chocolate, Rum Raisin, French Almond, Grapenut (the cereal), rich Vanilla and Guinness Beer flavored ice cream at the parlor.

23 thoughts on “Best Ice Cream Spots

  1. Robert +

    You guys left out York Castle Tropical Ice Cream on Hungerford Drive

    • Karla Saravia +

      Thanks for reminding us Robert! How could we forget!

  2. Susan Holloway +

    I grew up with Gifford’ s ice cream. I would say that Bruster’s has very good ice cream. Also Carmen’s frozen custard is delicious. There used to be a very tasty place for ice cream in Rockville called Temptations. I miss it. Was there for years.

  3. Sue Melton +

    Brusters gets my vote!

  4. Yelena +

    You guys totally forgot to add Rocky Point Creamery. BEST in Moco for sure.

    Ice cream is always made fresh. The flavors are always changing. Delicious ice cream.

    • Carin +

      Rocky Point Creamery isn’t in MoCo – it’s in Frederick County.

    • Tiff +

      it’s an awesome place, but it’s in Frederick County

  5. Deb +

    SpagNVola gelato in the Kentlands is my favorite!

  6. Esmeralda +

    there’s also a delicious snow cone stand that’s in montgomery county, Raspados Don Miguel, they’re in a spongebob van. they offer delicious flavors!

  7. Dee +

    i just recently visited Rocky Point Creamery in the middle of no-where Barensville while on a ride…it was pretty awesome! 4323A Tuscarora Road
    Tuscarora, MD 21790

    • Carin +

      And it’s in Frederick County. This is a list of places in Montgomery County.

  8. Dani +

    Where is the facebbok post photo from?

  9. Terri +

    U left out Jimmy Cone in Mt Airy also. There r 2 of them!

    • Karla Saravia +

      We only included the locations within Montgomery County, MD

  10. Lesley K Sackville +

    Isn’t there a York Castle in Silver Spring? I’m busing it right now so getting there would be much easier for me.

  11. Pat +

    Jimmy cone all the way!

  12. Val +

    Rocky Point Creamery. Best ice cream ever!!!

  13. Samantha +

    Forgot coldstone!

  14. Betty +

    What about Haagen Dazs in down town Bethesda?

  15. Josh +

    Moorenko’s just rocks. I’d sell my soul for a lifetime supply.

  16. Jan Schilling +

    I like Coldstone Creamery better than all of these! Especially the cheesecake ice cream 🙂

  17. Leann +

    Lilit in Bethesda has excellent gelato.

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