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Lee Callicutt, Sales Manager

Get to know Lee!

What makes Montgomery County a unique destination? 

The diversity of Montgomery County is awesome….not only in ethnicity (which is perfect for the foodie in me), but also from cool urban districts to rural destination gems.

If a visitor could only go to one place in Montgomery County, where would that be?

The Washington DC Temple – LDS.  I remember growing up and watching it being built – I thought it was our own Disneyland castle.  The Festival of Lights in December is always fun to visit.

Montgomery County has many urban districts and neighborhoods. What is one of your favorite areas?

I have so many, however I love going to Damascus – the tiny upcountry town where my mother grew up.  It is still somewhat rural with farmland and roadside fruit/veggie stands – but also has some unique venues such as the Music Café which features great local music, specialty coffees and yummy sandwiches.

What is the best festival or special event in Montgomery County?

I enjoy going to the Montgomery County Agriculture Fair each August to see the animals, local crafts and of course the amusement rides!

Where’s your favorite place to shop in Montgomery County?

The new Clarksburg Premium Outlets.  It’s great to have all these stores just two exits from my house!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Paris – the City of Love.  How romantic would it be to visit the museums, have lunch and wine at a sidewalk café and then kiss my wife (of 36 years) at the top of the Eiffel Tower?

Travel is transcendent. Can you describe a trip or experience that changed you?

I have been on too many trips to mention and I believe that each one was special and will forever have a place in my memories, however one trip does stand out.  My wife and I took a train trip from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon.  The experience of getting off the train and walking to the observation area was unforgettable — the beauty and majesty was breathtaking!

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