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Cynthia Younes, Sales Manager

Get to Know Cynthia

Q. What makes Montgomery County a unique destination?

We are unique metropolitan area rich with history, arts and over 900 restaurants in our county alone.

Q. If a visitor could only go to one place in Montgomery County, where would that be?

I would have a Visitor go see Pike & Rose where they can experience a piece of Montgomery County culture.  We have great shops, wonderful food and beautiful hotels.

Q. Montgomery County has many urban districts and neighborhoods. What is one of your favorite areas?

One of my favorite areas is Bethesda for the culture.

Q. What is the best festival or special event in Montgomery County?

Love the Agricultural Fair, it’s so much FUN!

Q. Where’s your favorite place to shop in Montgomery County?

I love to shop at Pike & Rose.

Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to travel to Spain.  I love the history and architecture.

Q. Travel is transcendent. Can you describe a trip or experience that changed you?

I took a European vacation several year back and traveled to Germany, Austria and Italy.  It was an interesting journey learning about different cultures, foods and lifestyles.  The great lifelong friends I met in Europe forever changed me.

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