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rio Silver Diner

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rio Silver Diner
9811 Washingtonian Boulevard, Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone: (301) 321-3530
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There is something special about a diner; from nostalgic tabletop jukeboxes to comfortable booths to the friendly people. So when my partner, Chef Ype Von Hengst, and I wanted to start an American family restaurant that bridges the gap between tablecloth restaurants and fast food, the diner was the perfect answer.

We spent a year visiting over 500 diners across America seeking to understand the timeless appeal of this American icon. Diners are known for their unique architecture and generous helpings of food, but the heart of what brings customers back again and again is the people. It's the folks who serve you and make you feel welcome that makes a diner feel like a home away from home.

More than 25 years later, I am proud to say we have grown and evolved our initial vision from a nostalgic American icon to an award-winning restaurant serving food reflecting today’s lifestyles. But the one thing we will never change is our warm and contagiously friendly people. It is the heart of Silver Diner.