Twin Valley Distillers

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Twin Valley Distillers
1029 E Gude Dr, Unit 105 & 105-B, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (240) 421-1115
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Twin Valley Distillers, Montgomery County’s first operating distillery using local grains and products to revive the fine art of handcrafted spirit-making in Maryland.

“Maryland authentic” is a term Twin Valley uses to highlight their commitment to the burgeoning “farm-to-table” concept so popular in restaurants today. The company sources all grain and raw products exclusively within a 50-mile radius of their Rockville, Maryland location. Grains are also recycled back to local farms for animal feed. We are now proud to introduce this November, the first straight bourbon in Maryland through our Maryland Whiskey Company division.

The quality of Twin Valley’s pristine premium liquors is ensured by our master distiller, Edgardo Zuniga, whose unerring chef’s palate determines whether a new batch is ready for bottling or not. Hand-crafted, small-batch Bourbons, Whiskeys and other fine Spirits is what defines Twin Valley Distillers.

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