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Estonia 100 Year Celebration with Swing Swindlers

When: February 18, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Golden Samovar Restaurant
201 N Washington St
Rockville, MD 20850
Cost: $50
Calamus Enterprises
(202) 909-0602
Live Entertainment
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Calamus Enterprises presents Mart Sander and Swing Swindlers.
A celebration of Estonia’s historic 100th birthday in 2018 02/18 with Mart Sander and Swing Swindlers big band.
Relaxed atmosphere with dance music from 1930-1940, featured in Estonian, Russian, German and in English.
This event is non-profit and sponsors pay most of the bill for bringing in high level of musicians from Estonia.

Who are the Swing Swindlers and Mart Sander?

Swing Swindlers is a famous orchestra from Estonia specializing in dance music from the thirties and forties.
The 12 to 16-member (at the Golden Samovar’s celebration of Estonia’s 100 year celebration there will be 7 members of the band and a main singer) orchestra was formed by Mart Sander, singer and conductor, in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2004.
The group consists of young musicians, most of them the members of the Estonian National Opera.
In 2005, the Swing Swindlers issued an album in U.K. called Five-Fifteen: A Tribute to the BBC Dance Orchestra, which was nominated as Jazz Album of the Week by the Evening Standard in January 2006
They have released about a dozen of albums in the UK, USA, Germany, Finland and Estonia and won lots of recognition, including the Critic’s Award of The Gramophone Magazine.
Their newest album, Swing And Sweet, will be released by Divine Art Records in the UK/US market soon. Even though they enjoy playing music from the 30s the most, Swing Swindlers have a wide repertoire.
In 2006 and 2007, The Swing Swindlers were the official orchestra of the Estonian version of Dancing With The Stars (BBC), with the leader and principal vocalist Mart Sander hosting the show.
He can sing and MC in six different languages and is in constant demand as one of the most witty and elegant performers.